East Lulworth

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News - 1830

The Morning Post - Saturday, 28 August 1830

The Royal Family of France - Their arrival at Lulworth Castle

Poole, August 25

The Ex-King of France arrived at Lulworth Castle on Monday afternoon, landing near the mansion front one of the steam-packets granted for their use by our Ministry. A great number of persons were assembled on the beach and neighbouring heights in order to witness the approach and landing of the fugitives. Shortly after three o’clock two carriages arrived, with luggage and a few attendants, and about five o’clock two other carriages drove up the Park, containing the deposed Monarch, the Duke of Angouleme, the Duke of Bordeaux, the Duke of Luxembourg, and General Baron de Damas. The Ex-King was received at the entrance of the Castle by Joseph Weld, Esq. with whom he cordially shook hands, and immediately entered the Castle. The number of persons in front of the Castle at the time of their arrival did not exceed 200. Charles (who, we believe, now bears the title of Duke of Milan, being prohibited from residing in England otherwise than as a private individual), is of rather tall stature, but he does not display his figure to any advantage, owing to a rather ungraceful stoop. He bears evident marks of age, and appears somewhat weakened, but not so much as might have been expected in a man nearly seventy-three years of age, after the great anxieties and fatigues he has so recently undergone. There is a character of mild gracefulness about his countenance, tinged with a cast of melancholy. The Duke of Angouleme, his eldest son, who is fifty-five years of age, is much shorter than his father, and looks nearly as old as his father. The Duke of Bordeaux, who will be ten years old on the 25th of the next month, is a very fine and interesting child: he is tall for his age and possesses a countenance beaming with intelligence. The Princesses and the retinue did not arrive until the following day. As the whole of the suit cannot be accommodated at the Castle we hear that Heffleton House, occupied by the late Dr. Baines, has been taken during their sojourn in this country: and if that should prove still insufficient, it is rumoured that endeavours will be made to obtain Brownsea Castle. It is generally believed that their stay here will not exceed a month, an application having been made to the Emperor of Austria, for permission to pass through a portion of the Imperial territory, on the route to Dresden, where the abdicated King means to seek a permanent residence. - (Dorset County Chronicle.)